The Little Island has too LITTLE pizzazz for me . Easy to get to, just hop on the A or C line and get off at 14th St. Begin walking West toward the West Side Highway. Myself and my 2 friends were disappointed. Some things that they advertised were ONLY FOR STAFF! Piers out into the Hudson with Addarondock chairs in red, white & blue. There is a food court with 3 vans & one sells alcohol & it is allowed while you stroll the hills & dales. Beautiful bushes, flowers, trees with splendid views of the Hudson North & South. Gimmicks are along the paths; I played “My Dog Ate my Homework” on the xylophone, and a spiral spinning circle that made your head a giant size. HaHAHAHAHA. Basically you are ambling along theses paths, sitting on a bench, getting a kool breeze & gorgeous vistas. Hey it was FREE.

Here is what you want to do when you leave stroll along the West Side Highway and see great things & the the best restaurant: THE FRYING PAN, an old Coast Guard vessel with train tracks as your entrance way with a red caboose on the track. This spot has been at this site 20+years. Waitstaff were friendly & attentive. We could feel the boat moving as we enjoyed are delicious food. We were planning what we were going to order on our next trip here. Wherever you sit is some sort of a view. They DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS!!! I must speak of the head aka bathrooms. Now this made me feel like I was on a tanker. You could see the water, you were at the very bottom; very clean & safe; next time pics. We all agreed on the authenticity of a “A HEAD”–fun. This is at 26th Street. Nice just to sit and have cocktails. They have their own IPA & it was a soft Lager. Love this place, make a point to go. Everyone sits on the deck.

Let’s return to our stroll. Parks galore with great posted so you know what fun you can have. Gorgeous green lawns to toss out your towel & sunbathe, read, picnic. Shaded pathways along flower beds. There was even an area where you could run under sprinklers depending on where you stepped. The skyscrapers were interesting designs. We saw the EDGE, which we went to. It is so much fun playing tourist. I just love the Big Apple, if one thing doesn’t work out there is a million & one others things to do. Almost forgot, we came upon a disco roller blade court. Now how cool is that. Put on your sneekers and have a blast. We walked 5.1 miles that day with many breaks.


Unless you are an avid Van Gogh fan there really is no need to see this & pay high price. There are 2 exhibits and check your ticket carefully so you end up at correct spot. The ‘IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH” is on Vessy Street. The one I went to is the “VAN GOGH IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE” on South St. When exiting subway look for yellow & blue circles with message ,Van Gogh this way. We plodded along with our eyes glued to the sidewalk. The signs ended before we arrived at exhibit so we ended up in Chinatown. It was 90 degrees & sidewalks were crammed with folks whom none could tell us where exhibit was. None of us could follow the GPS, DUH! We were in a part of Chinatown where all the deliveries were made. It was crowded & smelly, we just flowed with the crowd not really walking but pushed along like we were on a conveyor belt. Finally found someone who spoke English & they directed us .

The exhibit was dazzling with Van Gogh’s painting swirling around in 360degrees. I was amazed that the one song that should have been blasting was not: Starry Starry Nite by Elton John. 3 rooms with all the same visuals & sound, plus a balcony for viewing. As you enter, a nice seat cushion is given if you wish to sit on floor. They have folding chairs & benches for you to relax & see the entire movie. Colors will dazzle your senses. The song that really made the exhibit was by Edith Piaf, Non Je Ne Reggrette Rien. The exhibit allows you submerge yourself in his paintings & ponder his meanings. If you have motion issues this is not for you.

Both exhibits are the same price . If you are interested in Techno art here is the place you should go – ARTECHOUSE at Chelsea Market for $20. The art is from unknown artists that have music and are just as dazzling. Only go to Van Gogh if you are an enthusiast. It was a wonderful experience. Takes about 45 minutes to see it all. The exit takes you to a boardwalk on the East River. All three bridges can be seen aka BMW: Brooklyn, Manhattan & Williamsburg!

Upon leaving, walk to Grand St to find great restaurants & the subway. Subway was clean & safe both ways. The site has parking for a price.


TALEA BEER COMPANY, Williamsburg, NYC is a huge refreshing hit the last 3 months. Just in time for those sweltering summer days and taste this new beer that will be/is made for all palates and even non-beer taste buds. Another reason to like this brewery is female-owned. The day I went, we were a duo of 2beer lovers & 1 not so much. Well sit tight, the NSM (not so much) changed his tune & even took a 4-pak home. Our waitress was so knowledgeable & romanticized us with great selections. Make a reservation. Outdoor seating plus slick inside. The serving glasses are unique, NOT beer mugs. I noticed the cans fit comfortably in your hand, slimmer than the typical can. They have a menu, wine is also served, we had the Cheese & Charcuterie Board – very good. I am not going to introduce you to the owners because I want you to see there website.

I had Al Dente -Italian-Style Pilsner. This was delicious. A sipping beer. This tastey beer you would not gulp down. I ordered this because it was their first lager & our waitress gave a thumbs up as a favorite. We also had the Flight, and a few other aromatic & knockout tasty beers. Each of the beers we had were wonderful; some were fruity, maybe herbaceous & flowery. You must come & experience the fabulous beer company. The beer is made on-site. Sign up for their news letter. I am a FAN

We really enjoyed our time there. Checkout the shirt I wore. Folks enjoyed it. I posted it on blog. too. The neighborhood is very safe. Strolling throughout the neighborhood checking out things. This is so funny but please do not copy what one nincanpoop did. We got lost, yes, with the GPS and asked some beefy guy which way was Richardson St? The beefy one tells us & then someone yells back amongst thank you’s ‘IF THE DIRECTIONS ARE WRONG I AM GONNA COME BACK & BEAT YOU UP!” LMAO, LOL. The beef man laughed and said that’s ok I won’t be here. LOL LOL Really!!!!! Only in New York, Kids.