SPECTACULARNESS is the word to describe this 360 degree NYC view on the 100th floor at Hudson Yards. An exciting glass floor to see down to the sidewalk. The entire floor of exhibit is marble except for a triangle piece that one can sit , lay on or just look down and see peeps as tiny ants. The elevator ride is dizzying with a panorama movie of the city that leaves you speechless & slightly off-balance. The view is so grand, I am at a loss for words. The Edge is higher than the construction cranes. It is the highest structure in the Western Hemisphere (wherever that is)! The day I stepped out onto the EDGE it was brisk & windy but clear. The gigantic Statue of Liberty was tiny. Interestingly you can be a voyeur and look into office buildings & apartments so I wish I had binoculars. I could see my apartment building in Jersey. There is no time limit to your viewing. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable. They will not take pics of you so bring a friend or two. Now is the time to go during Covid-19 cause there are no lines. We walked into the building bought tix and began our scenic adventure. Oh, get this if you go at sunset there is an extra charge. I felt like I was on a magic carpet ride. This exhibit is magical, dizzying, panoramic and not to be missed.

Hey who is better than me–No one! So we decided to complete the adventure and went to the Champagne Bar to enhance the experience, Now this is pricey: we had 2 glasses of Mumm Grand Cordon Brut Champagne in an EDGE plastic memento glass, plus my other friend had a spiked Hot Chocolate with Baileys & without tip came to $65.00. I saved myself a few bucks not knowing how to put a $5.00 tip on my charge & instead I put in .05 The bar tender said not to worry cause they were doing well. I offered $5.00 but not allowed to take cash. Please do this because then you go out to this beautiful set of steps to enjoy your beverages. The Skyline steps have 50,000 lites plus embedded flowers that make for a wonderful moment. My girlfriend exchanged Christmas gifts and for sure it was memorable 101 stories in the air. I was so in the moment, I forgot to give her one of her gifts. LOL! All that is left to say is adjectives to describe this incredible experience: amazing, marvelous, astounding, wonderful, surprising, wondrous! When you visit the EDGE let me know what your descriptive words are.



Dressing in costumes has always been my Motus Operandi weather it is on the holiday or in the month , it makes peeps smile and brings joy to almost everyone. In December, I was going to Englewood hospital Infusion Center & told the staff I had a new costume. Last Christmas I dressed as a Christmas tree and it was a huge hit for patients & staff. This year I was excited to wear a foam green foam Christmas present with a red bow & Christmas hat. As I entered the Infusion Center, the staff started laughing & patients were smiling. Then a Holus-Bolus began when the Security Officer came in and asked staff if they wanted him to toss me out for being disruptive. This is funny because I had already sailed through the Covid/Security area & peeps complimented me. Mr. Security Officer walks up to reception & asks the $64,000 question “Do you want me toss her out”! The receptionist laughingly tells him “No, she is our patient”. Incredible. All the staff loved it & wanted pics with me.



Here is a great game to play on Thanksgiving to keep the day interesting. Debbie & I would play where if you were involved in a bru-Ha you would get 5 points, if you started the Brew-Ha then you got 10 points and whoever got the most points won a free round of drinks on our next outing. We composed a list of say 10 categories & sometimes a new category would be added depending on what tales were shared between us. Here’s some categories that we had: 1) you cursed as soon as you walked in; FYI mandate in the contest you CANNOT deliberately cause the instance, just be your usual unique self! (2) Started a Brew_Ha cause you don”t like a cousin, (3)spilled a drink, (4) mentioned something that was supposed to be on the QT; (5) got drunk; (6) etc you get the idea; here is a top category worth big points; you know how when someone sticks there hand out & says I’ll some potatoes AND you put a scoop in there hand. So good luck & have fun. Oh! don’t share this game with peeps because most people think it is horrible but once you play it YOU will be eager for all the holidays instead of dreading seen that snob or the shithead!!!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING